Raindrops and Sunbeams

Soooo….how do you spell ‘hematologist’?

Posted on: January 1, 2010


Last day of the year…

Last day of my insurance….

and a visit to a hematologist – another step into the unknown. Holding tight to Jesus’ hand and my husband’s! I had no idea what to expect – this was a “consult” because of the results of the blood tests done before my biopsy on the 22nd. My family doctor called me, and asked ”hasn’t anyone called you about this?” Uh…no. A case of the surgeon thinking the family doctor was handling this part, and the family doctor not wanting to step on the toes of the surgeon. Ah, well – straightened out now.

I sat in the office, and in walks a very pretty young lady…oh, dear – why is it that all doctors now look like they’re in grade school? Pushed that thought away. Told her the short version of how I came to be there. She confirmed that my numbers were “low” – but didn’t tell me what they were. I am thinking in my head – I am going to KNOW the numbers before I leave here – please don’t fight me about this.

She then sends me back to the lab room (they can do their own lab tests right there – amazing!) and the gal draws blood and puts it in the machine…whirr…whirr, and the printer spits out a paper. State of the art, that! She takes the paper back to the doctor, and we wait to see what comes next. The doctor comes in, and this time she does talk numbers. First, she explains that my numbers are really low. Specifically, the hemoglobin (red blood cell count). Normally, it should be 12 or better. The ‘old’ tests, done just before the biopsy on the 22nd – had my hemoglobin at 8.5. On the test she had just run, it had sunk to 7.7. She tells me we need to think about doing a transfusion. Transfusion?! When I tell her that as of that morning I had occasionally felt ‘lightheaded’ – she walked to the phone and called the hospital to see if she could get me in right then! They had no room – in fact the only way it could be done was to actually admit me to the hospital, do the transfusion, then discharge me. I could see the dollars just flying out the window – and refused that. I didn’t feel ‘bad’ – just tired and sometimes lightheaded. It could wait til next week, when she regularly schedules transfusions. I am astounded to realize that people ‘regularly’ get blood transfusions – another peek into a world I know nothing about.

Then the doctor gets practical. She will schedule the transfusion. She also wants to do a bone marrow biopsy. I vividly remember having one done right after I graduated high school, and it was horrible. She assures me that it no longer is, and will be done in the office on my hip – not in the hospital in my sternum. Amazing what memories stick with you! She also mentions a PET scan – not sure what that is – and she does not schedule it yet. She is hoping that between the abdomen biopsy and the bone marrow biopsy, that we WILL have an answer. I pray she is right. It is the not knowing that is so frustrating – you know nothing, so you can not address the problem….

So, that’s how it stands at the moment….today is a free day….the first of the new year. I think back over the day – which was pretty much a ‘raindrop’ day….but then I think of sitting on my honey’s lap and ringing in this new year, just the two of us….with a prayer of thanks, and one of praise for what will come – and I think maybe this really was a ‘sunbeam’ day!


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