Raindrops and Sunbeams

…and a new week begins…

Posted on: January 5, 2010

Another round….getting ready for a lot of things for this week…

Today’s appointment was to get another round  of blood tests, looking towards the second biopsy on Thursday…. So off we went – early so that we could go out for a small treat at Hardees, thanks to some coupons we had. Pulled in to the place we have always gone to for these kind of tests, which is adjacent to the hospital, and went in for what we hoped would just be a few mintes.

Well, it was, but not for that reason. We handed in our order, and the letter from our ‘new’ insurance company (as we have not received our cards yet), and she took one look, and handed them back – saying ‘they won’t pay here’ – you’ll have to go somewhere else. Ok…that’s real helpful. To her credit, she did tell us then where the other lab was (right across the street).  So…out the door we went – knowing that we’d not be back there.

We went to Hardees first and I got my favorite bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit….tots, and coffee….YUM. Could only eat about half – but oh, it was so good! Then, backtracking to the new lab – where we went in, sailed through the registration, and were seen, blood drawn, and back out the door in short order. I didn’t even have time to read but a page in my book. Astounding!

Later – put in a call to the hematologist – to see about when we might be getting that transfusion. After going to get groceries after the trip to the lab, and then a stop at the Post Office, I was totally exhausted! Now, how ridiculous is that? Spent the afternoon on the couch – alternating between chills and being too hot. Good news from the hematologist – the transfusion is set for 7:30 am on Wednesday….need to be there a little early, orders having already been faxed in by the doctor.

Before that, I have to go to the hospital to have my blood typed and cross-matched – which will now be done tomorrow….I have the order for that in my purse…so there shouldn’t be any problem…like insurance….hoping not….

And the saga continues…lots of brand new experiences coming up this week, along with a repeat….medical stuff is beginning to consume my life!


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