Raindrops and Sunbeams

Pincushion, anyone?

Posted on: January 6, 2010

That’s exactly how I feel today! Didn’t start there…

Monday I had blood drawn in preparation for the biopsy on Thursday…

Yesterday, I had to go to the hospital to have my blood typed and cross-matched. Turned out to be a bit more than the ‘usual’  – drawing a bunch of blood. They did do that – but, since I had never had a transfusion, and had never had anything done there – they had to ‘verify’ the blood by having me then go to the ‘main’ lab at the hospital and have blood drawn again. They gave me this hot pink plastic bracelet to wear which I was NOT TO TAKE OFF. They were very clear about that. Shower in it, do laundry in it, do anything, but DON’T take it off! Ok…got it!  Went up to the main lab, they checked the hot pink bracelet, and then drew MORE blood. I tell ya – at that point, I was thinking that I’m gonna need this transfusion just to replace all the blood they’ve taken out!  Went very smoothly tho…and then we were done with the vampires and could escape home!

This morning I was up before the birds – we had to be at the hospital at 7:15 am. That is WAY early for me….hit the shower at 5:30, so I could be all put together by the time we had to head out the door. Didn’t even run into much traffic on the way there….surprised me! The place where I was to get my transfusion is the Cancer center, where they also do chemo etc. Pretty nice lounge, coffee and crackers/cookies free for the taking.

Then back to the room…a large room with about 6 or 7 recliner chairs. We were obviously first, so we got to choose what was on the TV (Yay Fox News), and had our pick of the chairs. Then, here they come, needle in hand…arggggghhhh! Was pretty painless at this point – since I’d had both arms poked earlier – but this one they put in my forearm, so I could move about and read my book. We had been told it would take about 6 hours (!) to get 2 units of blood – so I was prepared! Had my book in hand, and was going to read my way through it.

They did ask me if I was anxious about the procedure, and I said yes – a little – this was a complete unknown to me. Didn’t connect the dots when she brought me four pills – two tylenol and two benadryl. Swallowed them, they started the IV – covered me up with a light blankie ( I am always cold), and I promptly went to sleep! Wasn’t til later that Lucian mentioned that that was what the benadryl did – got rid of my anxiousness all right…:-)  The first unit of blood took til 10am – so right on track with what they said. Then they had to have the second one delivered (they need to stay cold til used) and they got it going. By then, I was more awake, and got some reading in. Also got to know the others who were there for some kind of IV treatment – was rather like a group of friends getting together to chat – even though we were all perfect strangers!

Finally…..it was a little past 1pm – and I will skip over the less than memorable lunch they served up – all I could think of was ‘what are they charging me for this? – and they unhooked me from all the various equipment. I have never had my blood pressure and temperature taken so many times as I did this morning! It was a distinct relief to walk out of there into the sunshine!

On the way home – two ‘sunbeam’ moments. We stopped at Wendy’s so my hubby could get an edible lunch, and I got to have a small chocolate frosty….how I love them!! YUM! Then…pulling into the yard, on the exact center of the wooden fence gate by the house was this very plump and vivid colored robin – it was like he was there to greet us! And I choose to believe that God arranged that greeting to welcome me home!

Sunbeams win out today!!


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