Raindrops and Sunbeams

Glad the week is done….

Posted on: January 9, 2010

Yesterday the lymph node biopsy in my abdomen….today the bone marrow biopsy…feeling a bit like a train wreck.

Yesterday – up at 5:30 so that I could get my act together and be at the hospital (with my ever-patient husband, and my oldest son, here for moral support). Got there on time – paperwork already signed…and -would you believe – they told me the Radiology department was not yet open? Then WHY did I have to be there? A tad off-putting – but I pushed it out of my mind. Soon, we were all escorted to the Radiology waiting room, waiting for the employee to come and open the door. Hmmm….

Then things got humming – they took me back – I knew the drill, got into the lovely hospital gown and clever socks with no tops (grippy strips all around) – and got settled in. The doctor got there – went over again how tricky this time was. There was an emergency which bumped us down the line to get the CAT scan room. But – almost on time, they wheeled me in….and I discovered I would be on my back this time – could see the CAT scan screen…  Got settled in, they did the ‘scout’ films….then the doctor started – and I could not look at the screen, or anything else for that matter. Eyes shut firmly – easier that way. He got the specimens he needed – we all waited while the pathologist made sure they would be ok….then back to the ‘stall’ to wait…..and wait. That’s the worse part – the laying around for a full 3-4 hours after things were done. My hubby went and got me the ‘huge’ Starbucks Caramel machiatto with extra caramel….and an M&M cookie – heaven! Long time no eat or drink since midnight the night before.

After a long time…tired of TV, tired of talking – even tired of watching the blood pressure machine measure my pressure – got all the way down to 99 over 48….made me a bit nervous, but no one in the nurse’s station seemed to think that was bad. Finally…..the time was up, and I was allowed to leave – and I sure was happy about that!

Fast forward to this morning….off to the hematologist’s office for the bone marrow biopsy. She was late – called to the ER for an emergency. That was ok…if it were I at the ER I would want her there too. After an hour….into the office – lay on the table on my side. The doctor numbed the skin…then the bone…and then drew the marrow. Most of it was just feeling pressure….but just for a couple of breaths….it HURT! But about the time my brain registered that, she said she was all done….out and all the materials she needed were on their little glass slides. Whew!

So….now all the testing is done…and the waiting begins. God helped me through this whole week, along with all the prayers of friends, family, and a lot of people I don’t know….that’s what got me through without falling apart. The waiting will be hard….but this time next week, the answers should all be in….and then the plan of ‘what to do about it’ can be made. God and the prayers will get me through that too….no matter what it is.


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