Raindrops and Sunbeams

Blessings in the quiet…

Posted on: January 12, 2010

Finally, a respite! After an entire week of doctors, hospitals, tests, drawing blood, and long hours of just waiting around…this weekend marked the END of the testing.

It was sheer heaven to sleep in (til around 8am – that’s sleeping in for me!), and wake up knowing I had nowhere medical to go, nothing medical to do….I had an entire weekend to spend doing other things. Wonderful! And I have taken full advantage of it. I have kept warm with crocheting and knitting – have a book or two to delve into, and even just stretching out on the loveseat and dozing.

Now – gearing up the prayers into high – for tomorrow starts the rounds of ‘results’ doctor appointments. Tomorrow with the surgeon…Friday with the hematologist, and next Monday with my family doctor. The first two should give a complete picture of just what is going on with my body – and from that will come a plan of what we need to do to deal with it.

It will be a relief to KNOW – there is nothing worse than the waiting….and not knowing.


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