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At last……a name…

Posted on: January 14, 2010

Had the first of two ‘results’ appointments this morning. This one with the surgeon – results from the second biopsy done on the 7th.

The diagnosis is: “B-cell Lymphoma” – and according to the doctor – of all the laundry list of awful things this could have been, this is the best of the lot. This is a very treatable condition – and there are several options as to how to go about treating it.

However…..we will have to wait to see the hematologist/oncologist on Friday morning to get confirmation of the diagnosis, and her opinion on how best to treat it. She had hinted about what she ‘thought’ it was when she did the bone marrow biopsy last Friday….and what she ‘thought’ seems to be right on target. Now to find out how she thinks it ought to be dealt with.

Tons of information on Google – but there are a LOT of types of lymphoma – but only one that involved the spleen – and the info pretty much confirmed what the surgeon had to say….and what the oncologist hinted about.

Interesting, the surgeon said this has been growing for about a year….and I have vivid memories of last February when I had fevers that lasted for weeks, that no one could explain…could it have been the beginning of this? Maybe so….but there’s no way to connect those dots…

So…I will look forward – thanking God so sincerely for bringing me through so far, and thanking all my family and friends that have surrounded me with prayer – and especailly my dear husband, who has been a rock for me to lean on –  I know that all this has made a big difference.


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