Raindrops and Sunbeams

Rolling right along….

Posted on: January 18, 2010

Boy, things seem to accelerate – probably just ’cause it’s all unknown stuff.

Today was a double-header. First to see my primary doctor – to bring her up to date and let her know what’s going on. Also to change my osteoporosis medication to a once-a-month kind. The less I have to take the better, and the Fosamax has been bothering me – and I don’t need to deal with heartburn on top of whatever is coming down the pike for me… Got that taken care of – and she was happy we had stayed with the oncologist she had recommended – and so are we. Thanked her for her care and concern in sending us to people who care – that means so much! She’s going to have a baby – due date on Valentine’s day – and will then be out til May. She was pleased to turn my care over to the oncologist for this next stage of the journey – and we’ll update her when she comes back to her practice in the spring. She’s having a baby girl….have to find something soft and pretty for the baby that I can make.

Then on to the hospital (and all this going on with NO food or drink since midnight last night – whew….crankiness sets in when I don’t have my morning coffee!) – this time bypassing the regular registration and going straight up to the outpatient surgery center. Got there on time at 1:00 – just in time to wait for an hour….the place was hopping with people, patients, families, and staff – whew! One little neat thing was we were treated to two people coming in bringing ‘therapy dogs’ with them. How cool is that? Great big gentle giant dogs – yellow labs..beautifully trained, and working the room like pros….everyone got a lick and a second or two to pet them. What a neat ministry this is!

Finally….back to the ‘prep’ area – putting on the lovely gowns, and the no-top socks – and this time…an added fashion accessory – an aluminum-looking shower cap for my head. Instant thoughts of all those really bad sci-fi movies with the aluminum hats…lol! Once I was all set….we got to wait again….another hour ticked by, but at least we had our own TV and could watch Fox News instead of soap operas! At last…met the anesthesiologist…a very nice man who also has a medi-port – I somehow found that very comforting. He was very encouraging and upbeat. Then my surgeon came in and explained everything he was going to do…and joked around – his gentle humor was so nice – put me so much at ease.

Then….ta da! Time to go….the nurse put something in the IV…and before we were out of the room, I could feel the effects – rather pleasant…. In the operating room, everything was hustle-bustle, but obviously everyone knew their job, and it hummed right along. Thought it odd that they just covered my face up entirely with a cloth….my husband suggested that it was so I wouldn’t be breathing right on what they were doing just inches from my face….and it did occur to me that there were an awful lot of very bright lights right above me….so it shielded my eyes from that. Anyway….I could hear them all talking and bantering, but felt no pain whatsoever. That was a relief – I am such a baby about pain! It didn’t seem to take very long at all…have no idea how long I was in there…

Best thing of all….once back in the ‘waiting room’, I got to have my Starbucks coffee and an M&Ms cookie….and oh, how GOOD they both tasted! Headache disappeared the more coffee I had….YUM! They took an x-ray to make sure the port was in there with no problems, and once the results of that came back (astonishing that they have this x-ray machine that comes to you, rather than you going to it! Wow. I know….been a while since I’ve been in a hospital!

Stopped on the way home – now about 5:30pm…got some nuggets and fries (the value menu is just my size)…..and my ‘doctor day’ treat – a chocolate frosty. Got through another step….God holding one hand and my husband the other…another ‘raindrop’ day turned to sunbeams!

Tomorrow comes another first……have my first chemo session at 9:30am…..understand it will be another long day… and the next step on my new path… hoping for more ‘sunbeams’…


3 Responses to "Rolling right along…."

You are my hero!!! All my love and prayers. I know I would not be this upbeat if I were going through all this. Plus to make others laugh!


All the past can rest
just enjoy the day;
From the tree you’ve picked the best
now it’s time to stay.

Stay awhile and sing a song
let life ferment your joy
the final peace you sought so long
with time becomes a toy.

It’s hard to learn in one lifetime
which day will be the best
so take some time, explore them all
and God will do the rest.

Okay sweetie, glad you got through that okay. How was your first day of chemo? Let me know!!

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