Raindrops and Sunbeams

A bit of peace….

Posted on: January 21, 2010

It just seems like for weeks it has been a whirl of ‘go here’  – ‘go there’ – ‘up’ – ‘down’ ‘all-around’…so much happening, and no time to sit back and relax.

Today is one of those days…yesterday I had to make a quick trip to the docs…it was scheduled, a shot of Neulasta (have no idea if that is spelled right) – which is supposed to boost production of my white blood cells, as I understand the chemo depresses them. Didn’t even need an appointment – just run in when I had time. Got there – and didn’t have to wait long. Got hugs from the nurse – who had stayed so late with me on Tuesday – she was delighted I was feeling well. How I love that! Just feeling so ‘cared for’ by people I never saw before this week. I know we will become fast friends on this journey.

Got the shot….hoo boy, did that sting! She warned me….and thankfully it didn’t last long, but twas a moment of nasty! Glad shots don’t last long! She also warned me that this shot may create pain in my hips and pelvis – as that is the ‘white blood cell’ factory of the body. I didn’t know that – what an education I am getting! So…have meds for that if I need them – and will take her advice – ‘don’t be brave, be proactive – take the pills before the pain gets worse – stay ahead of the game’. Good advice.

Last night I got heartburn – something I never get…not sure why, but it was threatening to turn into nausea – so off I went for my “take them when you need them” nausea pills (not the ones I take regularly) – and it said to take one or two – I took two. Might have been a bit much, but oh, how I DON’T want to be sick! Took them – noting the sticker that said ‘might make you drowsy’ – uh….yeah….like to the max….I went to bed. And slept like a rock…til 10:15 this morning! Unheard of! I am the early bird around here….now I’m rivaling hubby in the ‘sleep-in’ department! But, when I got up, I was feeling fine, and NO nausea. Whew!

So this is a real sunbeam day! No appointments, Praise practice and Bible study to look forward to….a quiet day…there is such joy in the quiet!


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