Raindrops and Sunbeams

…and a bit of joy!

Posted on: January 23, 2010

Meant to write this on Thursday when I got home from church, but was just too tired to motivate…hoping I can recapture the feelings and thoughts.

Thursday at church is Praise practice at 6 pm and Bible Study at 7 pm….and I look forward to it each week. We are just now getting back in the swing of things as far as praise practice goes…took a break after the Christmas Play and the Christmas music for the season. I was very happy that still I am feeling mostly ok – no being sick, nothing that is really interfering with what I want to do. What a blessing that is! The praise team got up on stage…and warmed up to one of the upbeat songs coming up for this Sunday….and singing it just gave me the most wonderful feeling of joy…to be ‘inside’ the music…to be able to sing it….to listen to the lyrics and how much they mean – it was just one of those ‘perfect’ moments!  Then we started to practice on a new Altar Call song….and our praise team leader had split the verses up – guy voices alternating with the rest of us as backup – it was awesome – even on the first go-round! Maybe it was just me, for I want to savor and celebrate each little moment!

Then came Bible study – and the feeling of warmth and love when we all celebrated the fact that I am still feeling good – there is just nothing like knowing your entire church family is behind you, lifting you up in prayer…brought tears to my eyes to feel so ‘cared for’. The study itself was fascinating – and we are doing the book of Revelation – had anyone told me a year ago that I would be right ‘in’ to this kind of study, I would not have believed them. It’s not the subject matter that’s changing – it’s me!

Ok….I know all that was rather ‘off-topic’ – but not really. I am learning to listen to my body more on this new journey I am on….and want to get all these thoughts down!

Friday was ‘two things’ day. I was to go get my blood checked, and it was the day I had been warned might be a little painful, as the Neulasta shot would be kicking my body into ‘white blood cell’ production, and the body might complain. It did – but not too badly – not enough to run for some pills, which I consider a real blessing! Got a bit frustrated at the docs, tho. Got my blood checked, and we were waiting out in the waiting room to go back and get to see the results. The only one that has meaning for me is the Hemoglobin – but I was looking forward to learning more things I should know. Instead, the chemo nurse (one of my new favorite people) came out instead – into the waiting room, to tell me the numbers were “up” – and that was a good thing.  She gave me a big hug – which made me think maybe the numbers were better than they thought they would be. But I wanted specifics! And the middle of the waiting room is not the place to ask or discuss it. Perhaps these are ‘specifics’ that only the doc can discuss with me – I choose to think that – I truly don’t think she was withholding things.  So….will have to wait til next Friday, when I have an appointment with the doc to find out what the numbers are, and what they moved ‘from’…and how much.  For now, I’ll be happy that the numbers are up, and that the chemo is already having an effect – this is a very good thing!


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If I were
a red balloon,
I’d fly so free;

Above every housetop,
Above every tree;

Beyond every dark cloud,
Without one care;

Never to return again,
‘til I ran out of air!

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