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Anniversary of sorts….and new things..

Posted on: January 27, 2010

Yesterday marked an anniversary – a short one….but I want to mark it. Last Tuesday, the 19th, was my first chemo treatment.

Since that day, I have been blessed to have NOT been sick….one little threat….but other than that…none!

I have been blessed to have had minimal bone pain from the shot of Neulasta….much less than anticipated (and I DO do the anticipation thing).

I have been blessed to be surrounded by a loving family and many friends who lift me up in prayer every day….and I know that works!

I have finished up all the rounds of drugs that accompanied having the chemo…and now just take the 24-7 anti-nausea drug.

Most astounding of all, I have felt/watched the size of my grossly enlarged spleen SHRINK. I am astonished – and the difference is real! I did think at first it was just my wishful thinking, but my hubby confirms it is smaller and way less hard. After just ONE treatment – amazing! From my reading, this is the wonder of the drug Rituxan – that it works….and does so fast and aggressively. What a joy this  has been!

With a couple of exceptions, I have felt very good. There were a couple of days where my body just says ‘lay down’ – and I have learned to listen and obey….even though it drives me round the bend to do so. What saves me there is being able to read and knit and crochet…with Fox News as the background noise…ready to be listened to/watched whenever I wish.

I look back, and even though it’s only been a week….all these ‘anniversaries’ of sorts have been of good things! God has taken such wonderful tender care of me….knowing my weaknesses, and dealing with each one so personally…..how could I not praise Him? And give Him all the glory for what He is doing in and through me. I have no idea yet what the purpose/reason for me being on this journey right now…but am looking to Him to show me what He wants me to do with it.

Now….something new this way comes….yesterday I got a call from the PET scan place to schedule a PET scan. Though this had been briefly discussed at (what seems like) a long ago appointment, I had not known it was coming up. I even called the doc’s office to make sure they had initiated it! They had, and I am to have one of these tomorrow morning.

I immediately went and googled PET scans to find out more of what they do….and my understanding is that it takes a couple of hours – you drink a liquid that reacts with the machine – and is an excellent tool, not only to find out where the cancer cells are hiding (they light up in the scan), but also to track the progress of treatment. I am to bring the original CAT scan of my spleen….and I think they’re gonna see a marked difference between that and what they’ll see on screen tomorrow. So, I consider this test a good thing!  The worst part, of course, is the wait for the results…but this time I have some indication that this will be good news…

The downside is that it will be another morning without my coffee….sigh…but thinking there may be a Wendy’s frosty waiting for me when the test is over!


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What I beheld, annoyed,
what I see, can be seen,
existing in a void,
lightness, dark and mean.

One glimpse is all I saw,
one glimpse is all you need,
the form, both pure and raw,
the message we must heed.

The annoying thing once seen,
a glimpse is all I could see,
the form , both pure and mean,
resides inside of me,

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