Raindrops and Sunbeams

Doing the ‘happy dance’!!

Posted on: January 29, 2010

Backing up a bit….yesterday I went and had a PET scan. I read up on it a little – and it seems to be an excellent tool to track the progress of chemo. Got to drink more of that ‘just this side of nasty’ drink called “contrast” – and then put in some quality ‘half-dozing’ time when they put in the radioactive stuff in my arm via IV….they did wrap me in a warm (yes, WARM) blanket – boy, that felt good), while it made its way round my body….had to be still so that it would be most effective.

Then…across the hall to the scanner – looks very like a CAT scanner – big old doughnut. The bed I was on was cushioned, and had a really nice soft pillow for my head….pillow under my knees. Then….arms above my head, and in I went. This was another of the “be still” parts, but it was ok….more on that in a minute. There were lights, some space-movie sound effects, and machinery noise in the background. I shut my eyes and tuned it all out. The bed would move about 2 inches, do more of the pictures, repeat….repeat. This thing scans your entire body – and will give the doc a view of what’s going on inside me before any symptoms/changes are seen on the outside.

The wonder to me was…when I woke yesterday morning, I knew it was going to be a ‘tired’ day. I was dragging even before I got out of bed. I have learned to just go with the flow when that happens (thankfully not too often yet), and just take it easy and rest. During the extended ‘be quiet’ phases of the test, it came to me that God took what I would normally  think of as a ‘bad thing’ – being so tired. But….since I was – the extended time sitting and laying on the scanner bed were essentially very easy – I just closed my eyes and kind of drifted/dozed through the whole thing.  I am in awe of how God arranges every little detail to make my day work best for HIS plan.

And……I got lunch at Wendy’s (love that value menu), AND a chocolate frosty….definitely a sunbeam day in spite of it all!

Today….appointment with the doc. I was looking forward to this, as I had questions – and took the time to write them down, so I wouldn’t forget. Did the blood draw thing….and the weight thing….(lost a good 6 pounds in the last week – but wait til you hear why!), and then into the room to wait for the doc. She came in….and was obviously very upbeat – my blood counts were up – hemoglobin from 7.7 to over 10 – she was happy because this was evidence that my blood marrow is producing enough normal blood cells on it’s own to bring up the numbers without medical intervention. What great news this was! We dispensed with all my questions in short order….and then came the biggie….

She asked me to lay down….and measured what we have lovingly named “el-gigantico” – my spleen. It had been taking up all the room from my left side to my belly button – kind of a ‘volleyball’ size, instead of the ‘fist’ size it should be. And today? WOO HOO!!! It has been reduced by HALF! Amazing, incredible results – the doctor was excited at the extent of the difference! And this after only one chemo treatment! And…..this difference I believe accounts for the weight that fell off this week – excess ‘spleen-weight’!  I had felt the difference, and confirmed it with my hubby ( the ‘am I crazy, or is it smaller’ test)….and now definite confirmation from the doc!  She is thrilled with this, and is such a good sign that the remaining treatments will continue this trend….right into remission!

I cannot praise God enough for this! And for doing it in a way that is visible and dramatic! He wanted THIS blessing to be seen and felt – what a joyful gift! God is surely with me, and in His hands, these treatments are going to fulfill His purpose….can’t wait til it becomes clearer to me! God has so honored every prayer said on my behalf by so many people – and I know He will bless each one abundantly because of it!

Joy, joy!! Happy dance! And a celebration of hope!


2 Responses to "Doing the ‘happy dance’!!"

Doing the Happy Dance here in Florida! God is soooooo Good! Sure the chemo is working….but He gave the scientists the knowledge to make that stuff…and He is the one controlling how quickly it’s working. I know you are encouraged and can possibly now say the sickness from that first treatment can be totally forgotten and forgiven. Continuing prayers for complete remission and no more chemo sickness.

Joy Indeed!

My Prayer

Let there always be sunrise,
where my heart go.
Let it always be morning,
as all I’ll ever know.

Let it always be a sunrise
empty of all strife,
just the sweetest mornings
in the sunset of my life.

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