Raindrops and Sunbeams

Splashing thru the puddles…

Posted on: March 20, 2010

Seems like it has taken me forever to get up the energy to come out and post – pretty sad when you think it only takes my fingers to do that…lol!

Last Tuesday I went to the doctor – my regular between chemo sessions visit. Didn’t have much to report or ask about. I am experiencing a ‘tingling’ feeling in my fingertips and toes – more annoying than anything else. The doctor seemed to think this would fade before the next chemo session – I’m not so sure…..it’s Saturday now, and my next chemo is Tuesday….we’ll see. It is not debilitating, and I can just ignore it and go about my business – but it does make itself known.

One really GOOD thing was when they took my blood and ran the tests, my blood counts are the BEST they have been since this whole journey started – that’s such good news!!! One of them is almost…..almost…in the normal range rather than being flagged as low!  I did somehow lose 3 pounds in the past week, not sure why. Still can’t eat like I did before the spleen did it’s number, but it’s getting slowly so I can eat more before the body say….that’s IT!  The doctor wasn’t too worried about that as long as I do have an appetite, and am eating….

Other than that – I am still feeling pretty ok – with a few glitches along the way…..thus the above-mentioned ‘puddles’ to splash through. I have had some pain – which is still well-controlled by the meds I have. Hate taking them, but not willing to endure the pain – and I am the first to admit that I am a total baby when it comes to pain.   I have had a couple of near-misses with nausea – not liking that new development at all. So, I’ve just upped my regular drug for that to taking it every 8 hours round the clock – rather than leaving out that one at night time.

Now am getting ready for chemo session number 4! That means I’m past half-way….heading for the finish line….YAY! Finally finished the good book I was reading – now have another to start on Tuesday…reading is a real way to ignore what’s going on and get immersed in the story….hope it’s a good one….or it’s back to the library!

So…have come through all the puddles, and am now basking in this wonderful spring weather….talk about your sunbeams!!

Will post more come Tuesday….


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Capture all the essence rare,
reach an grab them from the air,
collect and try to save them all,
before the snow begins next fall.

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