Raindrops and Sunbeams

Potholes and speedbumps…

Posted on: April 10, 2010

It had to happen – things have sailed along so well – there just had to come a day when things just…..well….didn’t. This past week or so has been like that.

Last week was the first one that had lots of pain….maybe not that it was so terribly ‘bad’ – it was just unrelenting, and try as I might to leave out taking those pain meds, by evening, I needed to. I am very happy that when I do – after a bit of time, the pain is just gone. That is such a good feeling – just to feel ‘normal’!! Up til now, the pain thing had only been an occasional thing….a few days and done. Didn’t care much for this extension of the time.  I seem to now have climbed out of that pothole, and am back on the path….knowing that having my dear hubby right there all the time with support and comfort helped SO much – and knowing that God’s hand was right there pulling me up. Praising Him for another lesson in trust….

The second little speed bump along this week or so….being tired. I mean…really tired! I was told by the friends I have on the Lymphoma forums that this will be part of the experience, and each week it will be more…simply cause the body can’t recoup fast enough to hold off the next bout of tired! They were right…and though it is VERY annoying to spend so much time just laying around ….that is just what I have been doing. It’s just there is so much that I want to do…and it frustrates me that I cannot seem to do it. But, again that trust thing….this too will pass, and hopefully pretty soon!!

Saw the doctor this past Wednesday….and of course the first order of business is the blood counts. They were ok, but the red blood cell count was depressed (hence the more ‘tired’ feeling). They were, however good enough that it won’t jeopardize my next chemo session coming up next Tuesday. Yippee for that – don’t want ANYTHING interfering with getting those sessions done! I expressed to the doctor my concerns – some of the symptoms I had at the beginning of the journey were back….the drenching night sweats (who knew that was a symptom of this?), and it felt to me as if the spleen was getting larger (knowing that this could be my overactive imagination). I also have this new ‘lump’ for want of a better word…that has appeared on the right side of my abdomen – it wasn’t there before, and now it is….and what on earth is it? She thought maybe a hernia….now how would I get that? Haven’t done anything strenuous in months…lol!

The doctor thought all this warranted getting another CAT scan – both to find out about the new unwanted visitor to my body, and to check on the progress of what the chemo was doing and the current state of my spleen. She whipped right into gear, got it set up for Friday (this was Wednesday), so that she would have the results by the time I came in for chemo next Tuesday….when she wants something done….it gets done!

The scan was set for 9:30 Friday morning….which meant I got to split up drinking the huge bottles of ‘contrast’ – one the last thing the night before, and the other first thing Friday morning. They are thick (ugh), but the vanilla flavor is not too bad….and I just get them down as fast as possible through a straw. Seemed like I’d never reach the bottom of those bottles….who knew how much 750ml can be? My stomach was in shock! Off we went to the hospital….minimal paperwork, and then to the scan. Love it that I didn’t have to put on one of those lovely gowns….you just stay in street dress….had to take off the belt (buckle was metal) – which makes it less intimidating. They put in the IV of the radioactive stuff, and it is amazing how quickly it reaches all over the body – I could feel it moving just from the temperature difference as it traveled. The mechanical voice directed me when to breathe and when to hold my breath….and in no time, I was done.  And now the waiting begins.

I remain in awe of how God is taking care of me through this….potholes and speedbumps and all…..He is the ultimate ‘backup’ – the One who is that rock to lean on…..and He has put in my life such wonderful people! Every week there is another card or two in the mail, at church the ‘praying for you’ comments give me such comfort, and having my dear husband right there, sharing every moment with such strength and gentle care…..this is my lesson in trust…for I am surrounded by strength!

Tuesday is the next milestone…chemo #5! After that, one more to go!!

Potholes and speedbumps may abound….but the sunbeams triumph again!


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So glad you are having so many sunbeams!! Around here we feel like we are under the potholes. Mom is NOT a good patient and is not listening to the Dr about not bending over and stuff. We cannot get it through her head that she could end up in a wheelchair if she does not allow her back to heal. We figured out that it is really a by product of the cancer. Her outlook on the cancer is “I will not allow this to get me down, I will not let it get the best of me” so she “powers” through the cancer stuff, but she does not realize that she can’t think that way with her back! UGGGH!! Sorry, just had to vent as it is VERY stressful for us!

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