Raindrops and Sunbeams

Basking In The Sunbeams!

Posted on: April 17, 2010

Seemed like forever….the waiting between the CAT scan and the chemo session! The scan was on Friday, and the doctor was sure she’d have the results back by the time I came in for chemo on Tuesday. I was also pretty pumped that this would be chemo #5 – with only one more to go!

Packed up my goodie bag with treats, had my good book too…newly renewed so plenty of reading time on it….and off we went. First, of course came the blood tests – and I felt pretty confident again that they’d be okay….even though I’d been really tired, I didn’t think it was from low blood counts. Turned out I was right about that – everything was above that ‘rule of thumb’ that says….ok for chemo!

I asked about the scan results – got a verbal summary…spleen was shrinking….and yes, I now am the proud owner of a brand new shiny hernia.  Ah, well – for all the things this new ‘blob’ could have been….hernia was the least of the problems. Tucked that info away….resolving to have the printout before I left that day….and on we went to the chemo. I was totally at peace about that – being certain that the days of reacting badly to the rituxan were over….and knowing that there were a whole lot of folks out there praying that this would all go well. And it did – I got in a lot of reading…had some good snacks….shared them with the nurses and others there….even got in a small nap! And by 3:30 pm (I get there on chemo day at 9:30 am)….I was done, and ready to go! No reactions, not even a blip on the screen!

I did get the printouts of the blood tests and the scan. Brought them home and then the fun began! I really believe they have some guys in a cubicle somewhere making up REALLY long words to describe simple things….making a whole new language by stringing all these together! Whew! Some of the words defeated even the dictionary…..and the medical dictionary! I am still deciphering parts of it….and getting all my questions together for the next doctor appointment (which falls on the next chemo day). What I have figured out…..the spleen has shrunk from 25cm to 17cm….that I knew…for it is a visible change – but it was nice to have numbers to put on it. This means that the rituxan is doing its job, along with the other chemo drugs….attacking all those ‘bad B-cells’ and getting rid of them! YAY!!  Interesting that they still call the spleen “massive”, yet the new herniam,, which is certainly just as large, is described as ‘small’….kinda turning definitions on their head…lol!

All in all, this was all good news I think! The raindrops have been banished this week, and the sunbeams rule!

Now I will spend some time getting all my questions down on paper for the doctor….what does all this mean….how do we really measure the progress….and where do we go from here? But….that’s all in the future, and though I’m preparing the questions, I’m not going to speculate and wonder….that’s mostly not the right path to take….  What I will do is praise and thank God for the amazing healing I know He is accomplishing in my body….and ask Him to richly bless all the people who have gathered around me through this and lifted me up in prayer. I KNOW this makes a huge difference….!!

The future’s looking pretty bright to me right now!!


1 Response to "Basking In The Sunbeams!"

Such great news! One more to go! Yay!!!!! I had to laugh at your speculation regarding the printouts of the tests and scans. Reminded me of a story our Pastor told one Sunday. He had back surgery, and prior to the surgery, he had some cat scans done of his back. The doctor left them up, and had to leave the room and Pastor Tommy had plenty of time to analyze them. He saw several masses in the picture, and even though he’s a Pastor, and fully believes God is in control, he said he began to fret and worry about those masses. So, when the Dr came back in, PT says, “ok Doc, be straight up with me, are those masses tumors or cancer or something?” She laughed and said “Silly man!!!! That is poop! So, the average person has to be careful looking at them things….. Analyze, ask your questions, and know that the answer is probably not nearly as dire as you expected.

Salt and Light my special sister-in-law.

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