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I Just ‘Thought’ It Was The End….

Posted on: May 9, 2010

The whole week leading up to the ‘last’ chemo session, I just had this feeling. You know, the one that says…..hmmmm…..might want to re-think that conclusion, girlie! Turns out the feeling was right – and so it was probably a good think I wasn’t just counting on this being the last chemo session.

For ‘bad’ news, it still came for a ‘good’ reason. As the doc explained it – when they are getting a good response from this chemo – the R-CVP one – a combo of the Rituxan – which targets the ‘bad’ cells, and two other chemo ‘kill ’em all’ varieties – plus prednisone – they do not want to ‘fix’ something that is working. Therefore, since she is convinced from the shrinking size of my spleen that this is still doing it’s job – she wants to add a couple more sessions….to get the maximum from the regimen. All in all, can’t argue with that – as the whole point is to get this into remission.

Again, my blood levels were really good – almost….almost in the normal range. For the second time, I did not need to have the Aranesp injection to boost the white blood cell count – great news that!  I had been thinking of this – and the companion injection that I normally get the day after chemo – the Neulasta – to boost the red blood cell count…..so I broached the subject of skipping that one too. I admit the main consideration here was financial – this particular drug comes at a very high price (and does its job most excellently) – so it would be a considerable savings to do this. Since the levels were good, I thought that the risk was acceptable. The doctor agreed – with the proviso that we would ‘see how it goes’ – I”m good with that!

This time the order of the chemo drugs was reversed – got the Rituxan first, then the other two…..have been getting the Rituxan last. I took that to mean that it is now official that the Rituxan is no longer a ‘problem’ for me, and that the likelihood of a reaction to it is now not a big concern. Proved to be true – the whole session went off without incident, and we were all done with plenty of time to get my celebratory Wendy’s chocolate frosty…..and to go vote!

And this week? So far, so good…..a little more tired….yep…..a little more pain…..yep…..but nothing that I can’t ignore or at least deal with without a big problem. I count that all as a good thing! Helps immensely that it is now May and the weather is getting warm….love it! The garden is growing….God is still taking amazing care of me….and I am surrounded by family and friends who love me and hold me up in prayer….and that’ s just an unbeatable combination…..I’d call that a MAJOR Sunbeam event!!


3 Responses to "I Just ‘Thought’ It Was The End…."

So very proud of you! As always, you are in my prayers. Hope you had a beautiful Mothers Day today (as I am commenting on this Sunday evening). I know you got to spend some time with your boys earlier in the week, and I’m happy for you there. So….two more to go… again… ❤

Wonderful news, my friend and Sister! You are such a beautiful, wonderful encouragement… iron that surely sharpens iron! Love you!

Hello, old buddy, old pal, just finished your journal to date. What an encouraging post on the 9th. I am in awe of you; your faith and your courage is inspiring, wow! Things are much the same here, just really busy with our 14 and 15-year old grands, yep, year 5 with them. Haven’t been travelling much, so looking forward to the day we can come “south” and meet up with y’all. Love you and, yes, miss you! Have good memories of our days in Raleigh. Will write more soon. Lots of love and continued prayers, Karen (and Bob)

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