Raindrops and Sunbeams

Do You Think It Can Rain Sundrops?

Posted on: May 26, 2010

This was to be a busy beginning of the week….first on Monday a CAT scan, then Chemo session #7 on Tuesday.

So…Friday we trekked over to the hospital pharmacy to pick up those two fairly huge bottles of ‘contrast’ – in the Vanilla Creme flavor….not my favorite drink. After we picked them up, I was reading thru the instructions, and they had changed. My first thought….it is pretty disconcerting to have done this enough that I knew immediately that they had changed. Ah, well. At least, to me, they were a welcome change. No longer was all food and drink forbidden after midnight (good thing, as my test was not til 1:45 p.m.!). So…breakfast and my morning coffee were back on…YAY!! The breakfast I could easier skip, but not that coffee….that’s my ‘get-up-and-go beverage of choice! They also split up the drinking of the ‘contrast’ – no longer did I have to slug down the entire bottle at once….now it was half the bottle every 45 minutes, starting 4 hours before the test. The drinking of this also was the deadline for no more eating and drinking anything else. That made this much easier – and if the stuff is cold enough, it doesn’t taste too bad. The new instructions also tell you you can add flavorings to it if you like – I had been told by the pharmacist about this, but now it is in writing. I didn’t bother – I just get out the straw, hold my breath, and get it down – fast!

Off to the hospital to do the usual ‘hurry up and wait’ – no matter how early you are, they will be backed up enough that you run way past your ‘appointment’ time. I bring a book. This time I was doubly glad that I did – as I intended to take the book with me to chemo Tuesday – lots of time to read during that 6-7 hour stretch! I had picked a book that looked good, got good reviews (shoulda known right there), but was an author I had not read before. I got immediately put off by the overuse of colorful adjectives, but could have ignored them until the language kicked in. I look at that, and think ‘this is just not necessary to develop any character, or add to the story. By page three, I knew we’d be stopping at the library on the way home – this was not a book for me. The story had already lost whatever it had due to the language the author decided to use. I’d go back to authors that I know write good stories, without having to use ugly lanaguage.

That made the wait a little longer, but people-watching is always an enjoyable pastime. At last! They called for me….and in I went. At least for this test, I could just stay in my street clothes, and even got a wedge pillow for under my knees. Then the nurse proceeded to put in the needle for the IV congtrast….she ‘tried’…..said the vein ‘kinked’ on her (painfully), and then she called for someone else to come put in the needle. On to the other arm – and to her credit she got it in, but boy you should see the bruising and swelling that showed up later! Whew – glad that was over, and they slid me inside the huge doughnut, where the mechanical voice tells you when to ‘breath in, and hold it’ ….then ‘you may breathe normally now’.  Seemed like they did this for a much longer time this go-round…..but that may just be me.  Then it was done, and I was free to go. Yes! One more test done and gone.

Tuesday was chemo day….and what is the first order of business? You guessed it….take blood for the blood counts. I told the gal at the office that they were as good at this as the hospital nurse was bad – she needed to go show them how to do it! She took one look at the right arm, and said ‘nope, can’t use that’ – and went back to the one the first nurse on Monday said ‘kinked’.  Not so….the needle  went right in with only a tiny ‘stick’. What a relief! The counts were ok…..then came the meeting with the doctor. I was sure that she would not have the results of the CAT scan, as it was done only the day before – but, oh, the wonders of the computer….she could just log in as my doc, and got those results into my file before we met! A pleasant surprise!

Then came the really GOOD news! The scan showed that my spleen – which in early April had measured 17cm, was now down to 14.7 cm! This is such good news! Normal size for the spleen is 12 cm! I am getting close!! To add to that, all the ‘hypodense lesions’ that were there on the scan in April, were GONE! Yes, GONE! Proof positive that this chemo is working wonderfully, with minimal side effects for me! We readily agreed that the two chemo sessions she had decided to add (Tuesday being the first of them) would go on – hoping that the spleen would by then be back to normal size!  After than, chemo was a piece of cake! I had no problems at all – got my Rituxan first off…..hooked up to the blood pressure monitor thru it all…and it never got over 100/57 the whole time. That problem is a goner, and I am so glad, as that is the immunological drug that targets the ‘bad’ B-cells, and marks them for my own body to kill them off and get rid of them. The other two chemo drugs have never been a problem going in.

So…..far as I can see, I am in a ‘sundrop shower’ right now…..not a ‘raindrop’ in sight, and thanking God all the way for it! He has taken such good care of me through this whole thing….with the wonderful help from all my family and friends offering up all those prayers!  I will revel in this feeling, and have high hopes for the next treatment showing even more progress!!


2 Responses to "Do You Think It Can Rain Sundrops?"

This is such An amazing story~ I am so glad & Thank God that Everything went well, and I will continue to pray for You at All times. God is sooooo good to Us, and takes care of Us .

All We have to do is believe in Him, trust Him, and of course, Thank Him for Everything that He has done and is doing in Our lives on this Earth.

You are Dearly loved By sooo many and I am delighted to be Your Daughter 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤


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