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Another milestone!!

Posted on: June 17, 2010

I wondered as I got ready for my chemo session last Tuesday…..the second of the ‘added-on’ sessions….would this really BE the last one? I fervently hoped so!

I had been doing my homework – and had my questions and concerns ready….for my mind convinced me I also had an appointment with the doctor that morning too. The appointment turned out to be a figment of my imagination…hate it when the mind plays tricks on me! But, doing the homework was a good thing….and now I have a little more time to prepare more questions and concerns.

It was indeed my last chemo session….YAY! With (of course) a caveat…..I haven’t seen the doctor yet – I did get that corrected, and it will be next Tuesday. The ongoing treatment from this point on will depend on that meeting and the test to yet be determined. So…I settled in my recliner – book at the ready – the newest Jason Bourne thriller….and got to reading. The session went without a hitch – it doesn’t even cross my mind any more that there might be a reaction to the Rituxan….nope, God has dealt with that altogether. They did, as always, hook me up to the blood pressure machine the whole time that was going in….but it stayed right around the 90/50 mark….not anywhere near high…lol! Nevertheless, it seemed like a long day…..got to the Doctor’s office about 8:40…..and the chemo was finally done just before 4:00 p.m. (Now you know why the book!)

At the end of the session, the onc nurse came and gave me an envelope…..and on the front it said “Congratulations! you did it!! ” And the line below  “We love you…..the chemo crew”. Inside the envelope were two movie passes….they had given my honey and I the gift of a ‘date night!’ Made me cry….made the nurse cry… we are like family after these past six months of treatment…I will treasure that envelope always…

Afterwards, my dear hubby took me to Wendy’s for my ‘chemo treat’ – the chocolate frosty. For some reason, it just wasn’t as tasty as usual….maybe my body had already decided that this tradition was over with too…time to move on to the next page. I ate a little…it did not sit well….it is still in the freezer…maybe I will finish it….maybe not.

Yesterday was the day to get the really, really expensive shot. Unfortunately, I had not gotten my copy of the blood readings at the chemo session (it was one busy day there!). So…in I went, got the shot, and then got my copy of the blood tests. I will have to check it for sure, but it did appear that I really didn’t need to get that shot – and had I had the test results in hand, I would have refused it. Granted, we have insurance, and they are very good…..but there is always a bunch left over that is OUR out of pocket. Bummer. And another lesson learned….get the printout before any future shots.

So…for the moment … I AM DONE!!!!  What a wonderful feeling to NOT have another chemo session scheduled!! What joy in my heart that God has brought me through this entire ordeal with minimal side effects….and with all my hair intact! So many miracles…..each day is a new one, and this has taught me to appreciate every single second given me!!

Next week….the meeting with the doctor….how to determine where the cancer stands. My homework suggests that the definitive test is another bone marrow biopsy….this was the one that established that the cancer was there…it was visual, and my choice for this. A CAT scan will only define size and structure. It will tell me if my spleen has again shrunk, maybe back to the 12 cm normal size….but not tell me what the cancer is doing. So…nope….too expensive, not enough information. A PET scan would tell all the areas in my body that have ‘rapidly dividing cells’ – which most likely indicates cancer activity. There are supposed to be pictures, but I didn’t get to see them with the last one…..and they really have a heave radiation load on your body….so again, not the best choice, in my opinion. So…next week we will see if the doc and I agree on how to see where I stand – get it done and hopefully see that this bad boy is in complete remission!! This has been the goal….it will be so cool to see it in pictures!!

Stay tuned…..will be back here with the decision…..and the results….soon!


4 Responses to "Another milestone!!"

When I do finally get settled down there – wherever…… you and I are going out to celebrate. Movie and lunch, craft stores if you want, book stores if you want. Whatever… I am so very happy for you! Continuing to pray for total healing… Love you, Cathy

Oh, Trish… It was SO wonderful to read this! You have been so close to my heart through this all and I praise God for the wonderful work He’s done in you, for holding you up and giving you the strength to endure. How faithful is His love to you! You are so precious and beautiful to so many of us! Bless the Lord. I am believing God for test results that show you to be 100% cancer free. (((((Big hugs)))))

i hope you feel like eating that Frosty. What a terrible thing to waste!! :))

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