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Hurry Up and Wait….

Posted on: June 26, 2010

Last week was my scheduled appointment with the doctor. The chemotherapy is now officially done….and now I needed to know the next steps….when – where – what…

As usual,  started off with the blood being drawn for the blood counts. I could tell the red blood count was low – I knew it before I got there, just from the extreme level of fatigue over the previous weekend….and continuing.

Then..the appointment…it was nice to hear that the doctor agreed with what all my research had me thinking – that the best test to determine whether the cancer is in remission or not is a bone marrow biopsy.  Of course, the minute I heard that, ,my instinct was to say ‘let’s do it now!’ – but I knew better. There has to be enough time lapse to let the last chemo session do it’s work, hopefully cleaning up the last of the bad ‘B’ cells. So….it will be done on July 8 – and I presume we’ll have the results a few days after that.  Looking forward to seeing a slide without  any of those pesky black spots on it!

Then we discussed the really expensive shot I got right after the last chemo – to my way of thinking, my blood counts were solidly in the normal range, so I probably did not need to get it. The doctor was of a different opinion – thinking that if I had not gotten it, then the counts would have tanked a day or two later….I’ll be looking back and seeing what all happened the other times I got this shot, and the times I did not….and comparing results. It’s all moot at this point, as I already had the shot – but I feel very strongly that I (and my hubby right there with me) have to be my own advocate – it is my body – and it is us that is paying the bills – so I want to be comfortable that it be medically necessary.  Believe me – I will never get one again without having the blood results in hand before the fact.

We then had a bit of a discussion of ‘maintenance’ treatments with Rituxan – which would be at least 6 months out – and some preliminary thinking about a bone marrow transplant. These I will begin to research – but am not going to worry too much about – as nothing will happen with them for at least that 6 months….time to have my research in hand.

Last bit of business – my red blood cell count was low – really low – so low that the doctor felt it necessary that I get some iron in my system pronto – so my body would have the materials to make those vital cells. I had the choice of taking pills  (which I loathe) for a period of 6 months or more, or coming in for a 6-hour IV and doing it all at once. I immediately opted for the IV – better to get it now, and let my body start building itself up  – so this coming Monday, I’ll be back in the familiar recliner – with my snacks – and my book “The Edge Of Apocalypse” in hand…. just happy that this time it is NOT chemo!!

Looking forward to July 8…..and the good results the test will bring…


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