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Random Thoughts….

Posted on: July 7, 2010

Today is the eve of THE test. The bone marrow biopsy. This is the one that will show if all the chemo has worked. Am I nervous…yup. Am I scared? No….I believe with all my heart that God has brought me though this far, and He’s in charge of everything that is to come….so I’m hanging on to Him!

Did want to put down some thoughts on just stuff.

I am totally grateful (and I thank God again for this) that I never lost my hair through all this.

I can read and understand a CBC – complet blood count.

I am still astounded at the price of drugs – both for chemotherapy, and for treating the effects of it.                                              I have been taking two of them – Neulasta the day after chemo to build up the white blood count….at a whopping $4505 for just that one injection. That is now done, thank goodness. Even after the insurance kicks in, there is a generous amount left for us to pay for. The other one I have been taking is Aranesp – to build up the red blood count. This one is done every two weeks – and is, relatively speaking, cheap…..at $1400 for an injection.

Thinking I’ll be refusing to have that one tomorrow if it is brought up. The drug itself has serious side effects – especially for your heart – don’t remember being told that – but to be fair, my memory’s not been the best through this either. So….I went back and tracked the red blood count and the hemoglobin levels for the time periods after I received this injection.  In February and March – it did raise the RBC  around .63 and the hemoglobin 1.9, but since that time, through April, May and June – the boost my body got from this injection was way lower than that. I’m thinking that the return on that investment is minimal, at best. Add to this that I received a 6-hour infusion of iron on June 29 – which takes more than 2 weeks to start kicking in its effects. And the last reason? One is supposed to stop Aranesp when one stops chemo. I have stopped, so that’s it, as far as I’m concerned.

That will also mean I will be off ALL the drugs associated with chemo….from anti-nausea to pain….hooray!!

I know I won’t have the results of the biopsy tomorrow….so I’ll wait til I have them to post the happy results….and YES I am believing they will be happy results!

Til next week….


1 Response to "Random Thoughts…."

did they tell you about how long it will take to get the results? praying for you tomorrow. i know aj sure wishes he could be there.

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