Raindrops and Sunbeams

Time To Celebrate!!

Posted on: July 19, 2010

Last Friday was the day….results day. And I was nervous. Was very glad my hubby was with me…..somehow it’s always better when he is nearby!

Off we went to the doctor’s office…..and sat…..and waited…..why is it when you REALLY want to get things moving, that is exactly the time the doctor is running late? It’s a rule I think.

At last….blood tests done, copy made…..and into the little room. The doctor comes in….and acts a bit surprised to see me! She says….I just saw you last week….well, duh! Yes you did – to do the bone marrow biopsy, and now we’re here for the results.  Oh, she says. She looks in the file…and it’s not there. Then she says ‘I know I saw it just this morning, where is it? ‘…..then…’ oh, it was fine’. And I’m thinking – you SAYING it was fine just does not cut it….I want the printed word – in front of me!!

She leaves, hunting for the missing report – which one of the nurses had, making me a copy of it – which I had requested. Whew! She brings it back in…..and there it is…..in black and white….official….

THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF ANY LYMPHOMA B-CELLS  in the sample. NONE!!! NADA!! Gone! This was the best possible news!! I know full well one does not speak of ‘cure’ with Lymphoma, but this was complete, total remission!! I’ll take it!!

I breathed a prayer of thanks to God – for I know exactly Who is the author of this remission!

The plan going forward? Next month, a port flush (yeah – the port stays in place for a while) – then the month after that, another visit to the doctor to monitor progress. At that time, she will order a PET scan, to make sure there isn’t any cells lurking, trying to do damage. Then, starting in December and every 6 months after (total of 2 years), I’ll go and have a ‘maintenance’ IV of Rituxan – the wonderful ‘targeted’ immunological drug.. going after any stray B-cells.

Doing the ‘happy dance’ here…..and every day…..’cause it’s sunbeams all the way!!


2 Responses to "Time To Celebrate!!"

i was glad to be there to do the happy dance with you :))

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