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…another bump in the road…

Posted on: September 7, 2010

After getting my good news last July 16 about ‘no evidence of disease’ (NED) in my bone marrow biopsy…..it was time to turn attention to the little – but painful – hernia that showed up last April. Decided to do nothing about it then because it was enough to deal with getting thru the chemo.

So…now that the chemo was done, the little critter decided to hurt just way too much for its size….and off to the doctor I went. She made the appointment for me with the surgeon – the same one who put in my power port for chemo – and after seeing him and taking a look at the hernia on my CAT scan, it was decided to go ahead and repair it. As he said, it was not going to go away, and better to deal with it while it was small, and get rid of the pain at the same time. Well and good!

Had the surgery on August 18….outpatient, and was home the same afternoon. Was a bit surprised a day or so later to realize I had a whole row of staples in my stomach! I didn’t know they still did that! I guess I figured it would be the ‘disappearing’ kind of stitches. I kept forgetting to call the surgeon’s office to go have them taken out…..til about 9 days later. The poor receptionist about had an attack that I had waited so long….but hey – no one said anything to me about it at all, so it wasn’t large on my radar!

Went in that same day…..and the doc took me right in (when he came in the office front door and saw us sitting there) – took out the staples in about 10 seconds…..but then he hesitated….saying he was trying to make sense of the pathology report he had from the surgery. Huh? Report? I didn’t know he had sent anything in for testing (guess it is SOP, tho), and when I looked over at the file, all I could see was the very LARGE print at the bottom….saying NOTE: MALIGNANCY.  I was stunned. This was absolutely the last thing I expected to see or hear. But there it was…..the surgeon showed me the report, and it said that malignant b-cells had been detected in the tissue sent in. Whew…

Got right on the phone….made an appointment with the oncologist…and (thank You, God) there just happened to be a cancellation the very next day, so I could get right in. She looked at the report…..and we discussed a few options….and decided to schedule a PET scan. This should show any abnormal cell activity anywhere….so hopefully would be a good indicator of trouble….if there were any…

Today was the scan….I had forgotten how bad the ‘contrast’ tastes…really bad citrus….worse because it was not cold…shudder. I got it down, but it was ‘iffy’ in a few spots… then back to the tiny waiting room – alone – this time they wouldn’t allow my hubby to come back with me….so there I was in back…alone, and he in the waiting room ….alone. Ah well. The tech started an IV, and after a bit came in and got out the oversize lead container to put the nice radioactive stuff in my veins…don’t like it….but if it gives clear results, will worth it. Then the boring part…..waiting for the stuff to circulate in my body….and be quiet about it…even moving around would interfere with it. Finally….the scan. And another glass of the yucky contrast…I had also forgotten that it takes almost a half hour to make the scan….many many photos…being very still inside the big doughnut…

Finally! Done….and now I could eat! Hubby was willing to stop and get me whatever fast food I might like….but what I really wanted was toast with cinnamon sugar on it…..and boy, it was good! And a good hot cup of coffee…yum.

Results are supposed to be to the doctor by Thursday….I’ll be calling tomorrow to see if I can get an appointment before the scheduled one next Tuesday….no point at all in waiting around….I want to know what it says…. I’ll keep y’all posted….


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What’s going on…no posts latly..I am getting worried!

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